Our Premise


Less Stress for Your Pet

Many clients prefer a veterinary visit to their home over a messy car ride and time spent in a busy clinic waiting room since their babies are more relaxed and less stressed in their familiar home environment. It is my sincere belief that our pets are not nearly as upset by what they have to endure during a veterinary exam as they are by what they THINK they are going to have to endure. This apprehension can be greatly relieved, if not totally eliminated by our working with the animal in an area where it feels safe and unthreatened – IN ITS OWN HOME. Veterinary Housecalls prevent your cat or dog from being terrified by the barking of other excited dogs and the strange smells associated with a veterinary clinic. Also, your pet won’t be at risk of contracting illness due to the patient that was seen just ahead of it having had an infectious disease that the owner might not have even been aware of.
Stephanie and Simba  

Less Stress for You

Veterinary Housecalls also help you to MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR VALUABLE TIME. Instead of having to sit in a typical hospital waiting room for however long it might take, you are able to spend your time gardening, watching TV, getting the laundry caught up, working on the car, or whatever you like to do with your time until we arrive at your door. Even though our service call charge is much less than that of a plumber or appliance repairman, we won’t keep you waiting half a day because of a four-hour arrival “window”. If your appointment with us is for 2:00, you can expect Dr. Terrel to arrive between 1:30 and 3:00. If we are running more than 15 minutes late, you can expect a complimentary phone call advising you of that fact.